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Product information:

Specification: DC DC USB (monochrome LED)
Overall dimension: 46 (L) x43 (W) x43 (H) mm
Working voltage: DC5V
Load current: 280mA
Load power: 1.5W
Maximum lift: 50cm
Maximum flow: 160L/H
Net weight of product: 120g
Product material: engineering plastics
Water inlet diameter: none
Water outlet diameter: 10.5mm
Continuous service life:>10000 hours
Noise: ≤ 40DB
Waterproof: IP68 for 100% diving
Temperature resistance: 0-60 ° C/0-100 ° C
Automatic power off in case of water shortage: Yes
Power supply mode: USB

Packing list:

Water pump


LED Light Pet Cat Water Dispenser Motor Accessories

SKU: CJGY1615247-1
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