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Product information:

Reusable dog diaper belly band cotton physiological underwear wrap nappy cartoon bear elephant pets sanitary pants for male dog

Made of flannel mesh material, it is soft and breathable and harmless to dogs.
Female dogs can be effectively protected during menstruation.
Remove the physiological pants every 2-3 hours, which is good for excretion.

Material: Flannel,Mesh
Color: Dark Brown, Yellow, Pink, Red, Blue
Waist Suitable for
S: 22-32cm/8.66-12.6in less than 1.5kg
M: 25-40cm/9.84-15.75in less than 2.5kg
L: 30-45cm/11.81-17.72in less than 4kg

XL: 45-55cm/17.72-21.65in less than 5kg

Packing list:


Reusable Dog Diapers Belly Band Cotton Physiological Underwe

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